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Will H. Johnson: Music

Paper & Fire

When we started out I thought of everything
When I risked my whole world for a summer fling
But as time went on I began to realize
It wasn't real, it was half-contrived

What I had to do was not a crime
But neither was it a nursery rhyme
When I let you go I was halfway home
We were flammable together, I didn't want to get to close like

Paper and fire, Paper and fire
Burns so quick and burns so bright
All thats left is desire
Paper and fire, Fire and flame
And the ashes they won't ever be the same
Paper and fire

Well the seasons change and I feel the wind
Can't help but think about what might have been
So I check the mail and go back inside
Can't help but feel a bit unsatisfied

You were a comet so celestial
And you were quite gravitational
But like a shooting star your destiny
Was to be something only temporary