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Will H. Johnson: Music

I Know

Feelings, what do they mean
Strange control is what it seems
Don't ask me why I feel the things I do
Like a puppeteer my conscience sees me through

How am I supposed to give to get some feelings back
And where's the best aim for my heart attack
There must be someone else out there who shares my state of mind
But why's that one unique and hard to find

Treasure, thrown away
Sinks into the sea for mass decay
My heart and soul the riches meant for you
The flame that burned it drowned and died for you

I know what I want but you don't
I can't live without a heart, I can't die without a mind
You know what you want but I don't
Like the thought of me and you, without the other one won't do

1st Guitar SOLO - SEAN
2nd Guitar SOLO - WILL

I thought you were an angel
But I've been wrong before
I thought for me she's perfect
I don't think that anymore
I came expecting heaven
My heart was holding you
My ideal image shattered
The sky was crying too