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Will H. Johnson: Music

Remember When

Well I was thinking back today about when
We were kids, remember what we did
The days were warm and last forever oh and
What to wear, you know we didn't care
Never doing anything that we
Were ever told, by people who are old
Imagination and the games we played
We always won, oh it was so much fun

But I guess I've grown up fast
And I know I can't relax
I just thought for a minute if I put myself back in it
The magic might come back

Remember when you walked with Dad and
When you wore his shoes, they were too big for you
You wondered how you'd ever learn enough to
Be like him, oh but now you did
When you dressed up at your first dance your Mom
Took pride in you, and she took pictures too
Family's the strongest thing that human beings have
Except the will to laugh

Acoustic Guitar SOLO - WILL

So next time that I see a kid I'll give
Respect to him, 'cause I'm still one of them
It's easy to forget the joys we felt when
We were small, you know we had it all
Innocence gets slowly traded for experience
And like an evil prince
Who sells away his subject's lives for meager
Bags of gold, who'll be there when he's old