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Will H. Johnson: Music

Late at Night

Late at night I close my eyes
Don't see the stars or see the skies
I should've sent a message, a message to you
Late at night I sit and stare
Think of things from when and where
I can't afford to spend time, spend time on my past

I can't explain this feeling
I'm not to blame for dreaming
When there's so many things that I want
A life of peace forever and
Us to be together and
All the world to learn to have a heart
Late at night

Late at night I see the sky
It's black as hell and I know why
I'm gonna meet my maker sooner than I think
But I'm a skylark in disguise
I sing the songs 'cause I know why
The reason is for living, it's living

1st Guitar SOLO - WILL
2nd Guitar SOLO - SEAN

Late at night I fix my gaze
On all the lonely passing days
I know the end is coming soon
But there is nothing I can do
So late at night I'll think of you
Because it seems the thing to do
As the song it fades away
I'll have to play another day