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Will H. Johnson: Music

So Go On

So go on tell me how it feels
Try and make it real
Maybe I can understand the pain
Try and make some sense I know you're really tense
The clouds are really dense
And I don't want you driving in the rain

So go on party like a star
If that is what you are
Everybody else is just the same
Everybody has a vice everybody can be nice
Everybody has their price but it doens't mean
Everyone's insane

Life line
It's a waste of your time
You know it always makes me cry
High class
Sell your gold rings for brass
Simple pleasures are a lie

So go on give another day
It's the debt you pay
When you bet your dreams and life to play
And you know you can't deny that the money well is dry
Still you wonder why
When you look into my eyes, see the pain


So go on, sign your name in lies
And say your last goodbyes
'Cause I really can't believe you're OK
But you always have to fight you always think you're right
It's another rainy night
So I think I'll just shut up and go away

So go on you told me how it feels
I tried to make it real
I even learned a lot about your pain
So do what you want to do 'cause I know you're going to
And it's really up to you
But I beg you not to drive home in the rain