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Will H. Johnson: Music


I don't know why
All of us must die
And I don't know what it is that
Keeps us alive
The mysteries of time and space
The answers none can say
Time moves so fast I live
My life day to day

Who are you
I see you every day
My reflection
But it seems so far away
How many times have I seen it before
I'm sure I'll see again
All I want is peace
I haven't found it yet

I don't know how
The future turned to now
I don't know where I was
Time loss I can't allow
The hours months and holidays
I notice once they've passed
The rules I bend, try to extend
My time, to make it last

I don't know when
Misanthropy will end
And I don't know who there is that
Doesn't pretend
The face I look at every day
Will change from time to time
The only thing I can control is
Where to place a rhyme