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Will H. Johnson: Music


I'm out on the road
And I feel so all alone
All I'm really looking for is a place to rest my bones

But I made up my mind
It's not a place or a time
It's a feeling you get and it's a state of mind

'Cause I don't want to be here
I just want to be there
But I'm so tired now that
I don't care
I want a place to call home
'Cause I feel so alone and
This is so far now from
Where I'm going
I think what I need
Is maybe for you and me
To go home

So I wake in the morning
And it's just another day
Checking out of this cheap motel and
Getting down to San Jose
Well it's hot as hell
But I made another "Ben"
Cold drink and a tank of gas and
I'll do it all again